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EMF Protection House Shield™


House Shields™ soften and reformat the electrical emissions in your home or office by utilizing 240+ embedded & encoded Harmonic Resonant frequencies.

Green Laser

The Safe Connect Plus+ ® Green Laser provides cutting edge Laser Therapy & Bio-Energetic Technologies that will penetrate and permeate any area of your body to promote support for glands, organs, joints, muscles, tendons, back problems, your central nervous system, your circulatory system and so much more!

Restore Miracle Mist Plus+


A One of a Kind Homeopathic Skin Care Product

to Nourish & Transform Skin

& Reset Body Systems

Anti-Wrinkling & Anti-Aging, Immune System Modulation

Charged with 240+ Encoded Resonant Frequencies

Absolutely No Alcohol, No Parabens and BPA Free! Pure!

Teardrops – Gold Black

Simply Elegant Teardrop Black and Gold Earrings.

Teardrops – Gold Clear

Simply Elegant Teardrops - Gold Clear Earrings.

Teardrops – Silver Black

Simply Elegant Teardrops - Silver Black Earrings.

Teardrops – Silver Clear

Simply Elegant Teardrops - Silver Clear Earrings.